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02 June 2008

BIOGEN (UK) Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment of Dan Poulson as the company's new Chief Executive Officer.

The appointment marks the latest milestone in the growth of the Bedfordshire based Integrated Anaerobic Digester (IAD) business, part of the Bedfordia Group of companies.

"It's a great privilege to be joining BIOGEN at such an exciting time, particularly with planning permission having just been granted for the second generation BIOGEN plant at Westwood in Northamptonshire", says Dan. "Anaerobic digestion is a green technology that is growing in popularity and is unique as it has no environmental downside. It produces no waste."

Dan has an impressive track record in developing technology companies from startup and has worked with well-known businesses such as Ove Arup, Gemini Consulting and Thorn EMI.

BIOGEN MD, Andrew Needham says, "Dan's appointment is a significant moment in the history of the business. It proves that we are ready to make the next great leap forward, rolling out this fantastic technology all over the country, to the benefit of food producers, farmers and the wider community. I am confident that Dan will make a positive contribution to the company's continued exciting development."

Dan's role is the fifth new appointment for BIOGEN this year and coincides with the company's move into spacious, new contemporary office premises at its Milton Ernest headquarters.

For further information contact Anita Smith on:
Tel: 01234 827227

Notes to Editors:

  • Andrew Needham continues as MD of BIOGEN and John Ibbett will remain Chairman of BIOGEN and of Bedfordia Group.

  • BIOGEN (UK) Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bedfordia Group. The company builds, funds and operates Anaerobic Digestion plants which convert waste food (which would otherwise be sent to landfill) and animal slurry into renewable electricity and a valuable bio-fertiliser.

  • The existing Twinwoods plant is fuelled by food waste sent to the site by local authorities, food manufacturers and retailers and slurry from Bedfordia's farming operation.

  • One tonne of food waste processed by means of anaerobic digestion can prevent 4.5 tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere. The new Westwood plant will process 45,000 tonnes of food waste each year producing sufficient electricity to continuously power over 1,500 homes.

  • The same amount of food waste can produce 500 tonnes of a superior bio fertiliser which is spread onto 2,250 acres of growing crop.

  • The Twinwoods plant in Bedfordshire was officially opened in 2007 by Her Royal Highness, the Princess Royal.

    For more information on Anaerobic Digestion see