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UK Specialists in Anaerobic Digestion (AD) BIOGEN design, build, own and operate commercial-scale anaerobic digestion plants which recycle food waste producing renewable energy and a nutrient rich biofertiliser. We take what everyone throws away – waste from the UK food chain.

Food waste is a serious problem – some 18 million tonnes is produced in the UK every year. Disposing of food waste to landfill is no longer acceptable because of the damage it causes to the environment and its contribution to climate change. Treating food waste via anaerobic digestion rather than landfill is the most environmentally sustainable method. Each tonne of food waste recycled via anaerobic digestion prevents between 0.5 and 1 tonne of CO2 entering the atmosphere

How we create renewable energy from food waste. The food waste enters a sealed building where it is processed into a porridge like mixture before being pumped into tanks called digesters which are kept at a constant temperature of 38oC. It is here that natural bacteria feed on the food waste and produce a methane rich biogas. The methane is captured and converted to electricity & heat. Over 90% of the renewable energy produced is exported to the national grid as a valuable source of green electricity; the remainder is used back in the AD process. A nutrient rich biofertiliser is produced as part of this process which can be used on arable farmland and replaces the need for fossil fuel based fertilisers.

Anaerobic digestion is recognised by the UK Government, Defra, the Welsh Assembly, the Scottish Parliament & others as one of the best methods for treating food waste. Anaerobic digestion is helping the UK to achieve its target of producing 15% of electricity from renewable sources.

Over the years BIOGEN have won and been short listed for many awards.

  • 2013 - National Recycling Award in the category ‘Recycling and Waste Management Business of the Year – SME’
  • 2012 - Business of the Year More Than 50 Employees plus the top Barclays Choice accolade at the Bedfordshire and Luton Rising Stars Awards
  • 2011 - Nation Recycling Waste to Energy Provider of the Year and finalists at the prestigious Observer Ethical Awards in the category 'The Big Idea' sponsored by the National Grid
  • 2010 - finalists in the National Recycling Awards, in AFOR’s Local Authority Partnership Award jointly with Ealing Council and were also finalists in the Farmers Weekly Awards in the category ‘Green Energy Farmer’
  • 2009 - At the cleantech industry’s 2009 Rushlight Awards, BIOGEN were winners in 3 separate categories including the overall best in show.